Veterans Serive Center and Support Group


203 Martin Luther King Drive, Opp, Alabama   Post Phone: 334-493-0785


  1. Membership Committee is chaired by the 1st vice commander. The committee is to report at the monthly meetings on the standing of membership and activities to increase post membership.
  2. Program Committee is chaired by the 2nd vice commander. The committee is to plan and execute programs for the post and report to the membership at the monthly meeting. They are to update and maintain the post event calendar. All post programs are subordinate to the program committee.
  3. Finance Committee is chaired by the Finance Officer. The committee is to oversee budgeting and financial planning, the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies. To review the monthly finance report and verify all transactions.
  4. Building and Grounds Committee is chaired by 3rd vice commander. The committee is to ensure the meeting building is prepared for post meetings and the building and grounds are clean and returned to its original state after said meeting.
  5. Public Relations Committee is chaired by the Public Relations Officer. The role of the committee is to develop and execute a plan to inform the public about AMVETS and promote the post’s service projects and activities. Working to ensuring the post has a positive public image and is respected in the community.
  6. Temporary committees may be appointed by the commander to expedite projects for the good and welfare of the Post.

There are two general types of committees; a Standing Committee and a Special Committee. A standing committee is one that continues to function throughout the year and deals with all matters that come up within its jurisdiction.

One of the most important standing committees is the Executive Committee, which has the responsibility of carrying on the post’s business between meetings and planning the post’s activities. This committee is primarily made up of the post’s elected officers, although it may also include appointed officers. Its duties are outlined in the bylaws of the organization.
The other Post standing committees are;